When elected to the House of Delegates, I am committed to representing ALL Northern Virginians on issues that improve the quality of our lives.   I will focus on priorities that unite our community, such as high quality education, more and diverse jobs and reducing traffic congestion.



 ​​​​​​​​​​​A strong focus on high quality public education for K-12 and college: 

  • ​Push to create legislation that provides more seats for in-state students at Virginia’s public universities​​

  • Identify and focus on ways slow down the escalating cost of higher education 

  • Reduce the high interest rates on student loans

  • Push for more funding for Fairfax and Loudoun County public schools

  • Expand high school curriculum to include technical education career paths

  • Push to allow school boards the flexibility to start school before Labor Day
  • Drive legislation that will lower the tax burden on business to bring more jobs to Northern VA

  • Push legislation that will reduce government red tape and allow business to operate and thrive

  • Ensure the right regulations are in place to support business while protecting the community, workers and the environment


  • Ensure balanced state budget

  • Keep taxes low and reduce wasteful spending



  • Address the opioid crisis

  • Stop human trafficking in Northern VA
  • Identify and implement new and innovative ways to reduce traffic congestion

  • Ensure the Metro is safe and supports transportation needs in NOVA